Sunday, January 20, 2013

Janurary 20th - 1:15am

So after work Camilla and I got our stuff together real quick and headed to the bus stop to catch the 57 to Palermo. Same bus I take to get to Plaza Italia. Caught that bus then got off and ran to catch another to take us from Palermo to San Isidiro where Joy's (her boyfriend) family had rented a vacation house for Janurary. We left the farm at 6:30 and arrived at the house at 9:30. Not even half an hour after we arrived a friend of Joy's younger brother got in from San Pablo. Apparently he had l driven to the airport, flown to BA and been driven to the house in basically the same amount of time it took Camilla and I to get to the house by walking/bus. The joys of advanced transportation!
After a quick meet and greet, the five of us headed off the grab dinner somewhere. On Camilla's rather insistent suggestion, we went to a pancake place. Turns out they make pancakes with just about anything on top. Sounds strange but honestly, they were fantastic. I don't even know all what was on mine but it was so good. Then Camilla and I split a dessert pancake with a TON of chocolate on it. And strawberries. So. Stinking. Yummy. Was incredibly fun to just hang out with a group of people near my own age as well. Miss that so much! Joy, his brother and the friend from Brazil were all incredibly friendly and welcoming. In addition to the people, it was also really nice to be around people who spoke English as well so even though it wasn't the first language to be used, I could laugh and joke along. Everyone there spoke Potugese as a first language (which is an absolutely beautiful language to hear) which was a new one for me. Back to understanding pretty much nothing! But English was pretty frequently used for my sake and for that, I am very appreciative. After dinner we came back to the house and just hung out for a bit. Talking, chilling and just enjoying old and new friends.
A long day at the barn is sending Camilla and I to bed fairly early (for this group!) but that is life. Very excited for tomorrow since there is going to be an asado, swimming in the pool and generally enjoying what will hopefully be a beautiful day!

Added some photos of the bus stop in Moreno. With its collection of dogs.

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