Monday, January 7, 2013

Janurary 7th - 11:38pm

<p>Another far too late night. This time spent playing chess. Will regret it at 6:30 but for now, quite content with my lot in life. <br>
Rode Cor Lit, Montana and Boss this morning. All three were good despite having two days off. Just did flat hacks with all three. Nothing major. Just more practice on riding off the inside leg to outside hand and back to front. Can never get too much work with that. Longed Nacar after those rides and then it was onto the free jump. From 11:00 or so until 3:00 we took out almost all the horses for the auction (plus a few extras) to get a quick photo shoot and free jump. Most jumped well and a few looked really fantastic. After was lunch and then helping the guys in the barn. Pretty average day all in all. I did manage, however, to end the day with a bang but getting my foot stepped on then slicing my finger open with scissors then slipping and falling. All within a twenty minute span. Not cool. After work, Gala, Camilla and I loaded up into Gala's car and headed to Carrefore to do some shopping! Mostly stuff for the house and things I have run out of (shampoo and the like). We grabbed dinner at the mall after and really just had a fun time. Definitely a good day.

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