Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Janurary 14th - 11:56pm

It has ended up being one those days. Started off pretty decent with rides on Kir Royal and Puccini. Then Camila and I took conformation photos of all the auction horses. They were all really well behaved for the whole process. Only three took some work to get stood up correctly and once they were, they stood right where they were suppose to.
After lunch we did a brief lesson on Jour, Holandesa and Boss. I got Boss and worked on the half circle changes of direction on the rail. Up, down, change bend and all that jazz. As always, I really tried to make sure I was riding back to front and inside leg to outside rein the whole time. Boss was a little looky at first but settled into work after a bit. Finished up really nice.
After the riding was finished we free jumped most the auction horses. I videoed, closed/opened the gate and attempted to keep the footing level. All the horses jumped well but as the afternoon went on, I started feeling pretty icky. And it kept getting worse. Chest hurt, nausea and just bad. So took some advil and attempted to go to bed early. Absolute no-go. Not happening. So after a couple hours of no improvement, I went over to Martin and Rachel's to see if they had any suggestions as too what to do. They had a few, which we tried but end result was next to no improvement. So headed off to the clinic. Which is where I've been for the last couple hours. They don't seem to think its anything serious and gave me some medication that seems to be helping. Hoping for the best! Looks like it's going to be a late night though.

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