Thursday, January 3, 2013

Janurary 3rd - 10:13pm

Busy day here at the farm. But the weather has been downright lovely this past week so no real complaints. Amazing how something you have zero effect on can play such a huge role on how to day feels. Super hot and humid? Miserable day. Breezy and cooler temperatures? Great day. So today was a pretty good day. With the weather and horses.
I was on Cor Lit, Montana, Uxmal, Kir Royal, Invasor and Jour. A bit of a flat lesson on Invasor and Kir Royal. Mostly on really riding back to front and into the outside aids. I think it's something everyone must struggle with at some point so trying not to get too frustrated but it is a definite challenge. It seems so easy and then it's not. Not even close. I'm sure once I learn how to ride that way it will become second nature. But for right now it is difficult and frustrating. After lunch, we took out Jour, Pastrocito and Holandesa to do a lesson. Ended up working over cavaletti which was quite fun. Longed some of the young horses to finish the day up afterward. So all in all a busy enough day but a good one. Rodrigo is starting back tomorrow to work so life at Rancho Pampa should fall back to normal a bit.

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