Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Janurary 21st - 10:15pm

Early morning today. Due to the length of the bus trip and the going ons of yesterday we decided to just spend Sunday night at the house and take a remis (hired driver) to Rancho Pampa in the morning. So had to be up early to make the drive back to the farm. Some definite perks to living on site. One of which is no commute to work. Which means getting to sleep in later. Something that is very nice. But despite the drive and my anxiety over being late, we got to the farm with plenty of time to spare.
Started off the day helping Rodrigo with two young horses: Kaiser and Kateb. They were both very good. Took Cor Lit, Montana and Invasor out for their hacks. Montana was great undersaddle. Nice, relaxed and just fun to ride. The other two were good as well if a bit on the lazy side. After that it was up and on today's set of "older" horses. While Martin is gone we've divided up the horses in full work into two groups. The "older" horses and the "younger" horses. Neither name really fits but it's the best we have. So today the older horses were undersaddle while the young ones went on the longe line. I rode Virtuoso, Puccini, Geologo, Kir Royal, Uxmal and Nacar then finished off the day by longing Bellini and Justinian. Just w/t/c with a bunch of transitions and going over some poles. I like to make up little exercises with transitions/turning/whatnot then work on them for part of the ride. Maybe a pole thrown in as a center point or visual cue to keep everything nice and even. A big thing I have learned here is disipline in my exercises. So if I have to make a 20 meter turn to the left due to the rail, make a 20 meter turn to the right even if the whole ring is open. Otherwise you work the horse unevenly. Which is bad. Poles, standards and the fence serve as good markers for me to help keep things even. Everyone was good with everything and my favorite of the day was Kir Royal. Absolutely love his gaits. Such a nice horse. I really like both the Picadilly Tame babies we have here actually. He and Ojiva both super nice to ride.
The day ended up being a bit long since we were working with only two guys inside. Being down a person slows the whole day up but Camilla and I wrapped up the last of the treatments around 6:45 so not too bad. Hoping everyone will be here tomorrow so the day will run quicker!

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