Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Janurary 30th - 8:56pm

Sleepysleepysleepy. The heat just about kills any spare energy I could have possibly mustered together at the end of a busy work day. Camilla and I keep saying we'll go get ice cream since it's her last week here but so far we keep getting to the end of the day and just wanting a shower. A cold shower.
Today was a good day though. Rode Puccini, Cor Lit, Montana, Invasor, Quantum, Casia, Ojiva, Jour and Orly for a bit before Martin. Jumped Montana, Invasor, Casia and Ojiva over some small cross rails. Again worked on getting control of the shoulders, a bit on pace and some work with distances over poles. Martin reminded me of something Bernie Traurig said while he was here about being accurate to every pole/cavaletti/jump and only being happy when you do it just right. Perfect practice makes perfect. Not just practice. It was my first time jumping Montana, Invasor and Ojiva. They, along with everyone else, were very good though. A lot of fun to work with. Especially Ojiva. She is definitely one of my favorites to ride at the moment.
So in the end, a very good (if very hot) day. I can tell my blog posts keep getting shorter and shorter but by the time it gets this late, Im just flat out tired. The riding part of the day seems like forever ago and Im just ready for bed. A bit sore at the moment too with yesterday's fall. And for whatever reason my knee started hurting while I was riding today. Still a bit sore now after being off of it for awhile. Hoping nothing is up with it. Hopefully some sleep/rest will help it. Getting everything wrapped up and heading to bed asap!

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