Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Janurary 23rd - 8:22pm

So. Freaking. Tired. Feels like its close to midnight and its not even 8:30. So this will likely be a very short post as I am very tired.
Both Kateb and Kaiser were super good for Rodrigo this morning. Followed by good rides in Montana, Invasor and Cor Lit. Cantered Montana a bit and LOVE his canter. So nice. Bellini (his half brother) had a similar canter. Just fun to sit on.
After it was onto the older horses. Geologo, Virtuoso, Puccini, Uxmal, Kir Royal and Nacar. Nothing terribly exciting with any of them but all were good. Camilla and I pushed really hard in the morning to get finished before the incoming rain. Got off the last horses just before 3:00. Then the rain that swore it was right on the way didn't come. But it did continue to heat up quite a bit in the afternoon so actually really nice to just be finished with that part of the day. One thing that did make me sad though was that doing 25-35 minutes on every horse with only a very (very) short break inbetween made both my knees hurt super bad. Normally they don't bother me much but today and even a bit yesterday, painful. Makes me feel old. And reminds me why I absolutely need that college education. This is a fun life but eventually, I wont be able to do 9-10 a day and be fine to do it again the next day. Still want to push my riding as far and as hard as I can. But know I need a fall back plan.
But after a good morning of riding, Camilla and I spent the afternoon helping the guys, doing treatments and getting the barn picked up. The rain moved in about 5:00 so we'll see how the ring looks tomorrow. Doesn't seem like too much has fallen though so may be able to ride tomorrow! Hopefully at least!

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