Friday, January 11, 2013

Janurary 11th - 10:31pm

Every day I swear I'm going to go to bed super early the next night. Then the following night I end up going to sleep about 10 minutes earlier. Today I felt kind of crummy all morning and worse in the afternoon so was going to pass out early. Then Gala said she was going to the mall to pick something up if I wanted to ride along. Never one to turn down an offer to get out, I took some advil and went with her. Was super fun to walk around a bit, get starbucks and just chill. But, on the way home we hit traffic, then the access road to the highway was blocked off, then possibly lost, then more traffic so didn't get home until late. Still worth it, but once again up late.
Today was a good day though. Started early so got more riding done in the morning. I was on Geologo, Cor Lit, Montana, Casia, Quarial, Quartz and Nacar. And longed Ojiva. Maybe sat on one more but I am terrible at remembering. Nothing overly exciting with any of them. Got some good tips from Martin on working on/improving issues with bending and straightness. Some more things to play with when I ride. Tomorrow should be another busy but quiet day. Neither Martin or Rodrigo will be here tomorrow so Gala and I are taking all the riding horses out for a nice hack to finish the week on. Lots of horses to get on but not doing much with each so hopefully won't run on forever. And maybe then I'll be able to crash early with Gala and Camila spending the night away with family!

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