Sunday, January 6, 2013

Janurary 6th - 10:31pm

For whatever reason, Friday was just a terrible, terrible day. So skipped what would have been an incredibly depressing blog post and just went to bed. It ended up pouring all that night so ended up not riding on Saturday. Spent most of the day shortening manes and grooming horses. Just quiet, easy work that needed to be done. Left me with the ability to listen to music, chat with the girls and enjoy being around the horses. Then passed the afternoon hanging out at Rodrigo's house. We made dinner, watched TV and just enjoyed doing next to nothing. A very quiet day.
Today, however, was a bit more exciting. Rodrigo picked me up and we drove out ti Lujan to see the huge old church there. It was gorgeous. Very, very touristy which was a bummer but still very cool to see such a beautiful old place. Makes me want to visit the old cathedrals in Europe so badly! Heck, I think I would happily see just about anything in Europe. But a topic of conversation did make me check how much time I have left in Argentina. This year has FLOWN by. Only 111 days here and so much left to expierence here!

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