Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Janurary 20th - 11:25pm

<p>So after last nights adventure with Camilla, pancakes and the bus system, I slept in somewhat late. Which means I was up at 6:30. Then 7:30. Then 8:30. And so on. Finally just got up around 10:30. Went downstairs, found Camilla, Joy and the other people from last night. We all hung out for a bit before heading to Carrefore to get stuff for the asado they were doing that afternoon! One thing that is both fun and highly annoying is that owning a car is not all that common here. As a result most everyone walks. Or takes the bus. Which meant we were walking to the grocery store. Not a bad thing at all but very different from home. It wasn't a long walk and the area where the house is located is absolutely gorgeous so it was fun.
After that excursion we came home and went swimming in the pool for a bit! It has been so, so long since I have gone swimming. I live in the land of summer swim teams and beaches but almost never go swimming now days. Always busy with ponies! After awhile the lure of food coming off the grill drug us all out of the water. Totally worth it though as the food was AMAZING. They had the usual choris and beef but the guy who cooked also grilled chicken with bell peppers or smoked ham inside. It was fantastic. So yummy. After the food we played this card game called Chanco Va (I believe - either way it means Pig Go). Silly game but a lot of fun when played in a group. Everyone gets four cards to start and the first person to get four with the same number wins. You change your cards one at a time by passing one to your neighbor whenever Chanco Va is said. Which starts out as a slow chant and gets faster until the cries of "PareParePare!" break out because cards have gone flying. Whoever gets four first puts their hand in the middle of the table and everyone else jumps to pile their hand on top. Last hand in looses. I won some by getting my four together first and didn't loose any which was good since looser was going to get tossed in the pool. After an hour or so everyone lost interest in the game so we stopped (and no one got tossed in!). I ended up heading upstairs to take a nap as I was exhausted. Love a country where afternoon naps are totally acceptable.
Slept for a bit then Camilla poked her head in to invite me to dinner with some of her other friends. So we ended up out seeing a dressage trainer/ride who has some horses at Campo de Mayo. She didn't speak English but she and her husband were both incredibly nice. Camilla and Valerie talked horses for awhile and I just listened and tried to follow. She appologized after for the nonstop spanish but honestly, I enjoy just listening. I pick up words and phrass that way without the anxiety of trying to work up replies.
All in all, the whole day was a blast. From hanging out with Joy and his family to swimming to dinner and everything in between. Such a great break from the everyday. We're staying the night here again and taking a remis to the farm in the morning. A little worried about that (dont want to be late!) but Im sure it will be worth it since otherwise we would have had to leave the asado early and missed Valerie. So early start tomorrow but hopefully a good day/week to follow!

Photos from my favorite pool side chair!

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