Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Janurary 8th - 11:11pm

Good day at the farm. Long and hot but not insanely busy. Started off the morning with a lesson on Puccini through the grid we have set up. Its three one strides in a row. Verticals or crossrails in the middle and an oxer going out. Puccini was quite good and I worked on my flailing elbows. I have always loved poking my elbows out to the sides and it has been the bane of Martin's exhistence for awhile now. Went through trying to get my elbows to touch and suceeded in getting them at least to my sides. Not sure how Martin managed to get his to touch because I'm not sure I can do it even off a horse without contorting myself some strange way. Did struggle a bit with holding onto my reins, however. Cut my middle finger open with scissors yesterday and the bandage I had on it started falling off so just pulled it off. Which promptly made holding the reins quite painful. Figured out a new tape wrap after that though and no problems the rest of the day. After Puccini were flat rides on Cor Lit, Montana, Boss and Oregon. All of them were pretty decent. Though I managed to get a face full of the tree with thorns on Montana. Thanks buddy. Just did the usual, up/down transitions X100 with them all.
The afternoon held back to back lessons on Nacar and Uxmal. Nacar was, of course, a little rockstar. The only thing that ever stops him is my bad riding at time. But for whatever reason, I just feel really comfortable on him. We had a six stride line set up with poles and we nailed it pretty much every time. Something I had not been able to do with Cor Lit earlier this morning. With Puccini and Uxmal (after Nacar) Id get it most of the time but with white pony, it was pretty much every time. A great feeling for sure. Uxmal was my last ride of the day and was really good as well. Took him through the grid like Puccini and got a few critiques/changes to make that I was able to do. Ended with a go through that felt great and even earned us a "very good". Super psyched. So all in all, a good productive day.

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