Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Janurary 2nd - 10:26pm

Strange weather last night/this morning to start the day. Was quite chilly for whatever reason. Warmed up fairly quickly but even I had a jacket on for a bit. Started off the day riding Justinian with more transitions. Followed by Cor Lit who was pretty good. Same thing as Justinian though. Up, down, up, down. Got on Puccini afterward and got some of the best work I have ever had with him. Took a bit to get there but finished up feeling round, through and powerful at the trot. Could take a quick skip and end up in just as nice of a canter too. Now just to work on improving that work and getting it right off from the start of the ride. Baby improvements to start though. After that, I took Uxmal, Oregon and Boss out to longe. They were pretty decent with only a bit of jumping around. Which, I feel, is mostly due to having yesterday off. Normally they're all very well behaved on the line.
A quick break for lunch and then we headed out to free jump most of the auction horses. Not sure how many we did but it took most of the afternoon. Ended up finishing in just enough time to come in and help the guys wrap up. While we were with the free jump, however, the newest addition to the Rancho Pampa working student house arrived! Her name is Gala and she'll be with us until mid Feburary I believe. Hoping she loves it here as much as I do! Camilla and I had to make a run to the store after work so we showed here how to get there and whatnot. Sadly the good store was closed so we had to go to the less good store but oh well, we'll live. Afterward, it was up to Rachel and Martin's house for dinner which, as always, was super fun. A great dinner (tacos!) with awesome people. Can't ask for more.

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