Saturday, January 12, 2013

Janurary 12th - 10:15pm

Super busy morning today. Martin was not here so it was up to Gala, Camila and I to get all the horses worked. They all just needed short, quiet, relaxing flat rides to finish the week out on so we decided to try hard to get them all finished before lunch. Not an impossible goal but definitely meant a busy morning! I hacked Quarial, Quartz, Kir Royal, Orly, Casia, Montana and Nacar. After that, I had Ojiva to longe to wrap everything up. Everyone was very, very good. Again, I adored riding Orly. He is awesome. Huge trot and canter. Totally unflappable from what I have seen as well. Nacar was a good boy as always. One that I am really enjoying as well is Kir Royal. He's got some really nice gaits and fantastic jump as well. Going to make a super nice horse. We got all the horses worked by lunch as well so got to spend the afternoon helping the guys and taking care of things around the barn.
At one point I was in the front barn organizing/cleaning the bin with all the boots in it when I heard Walter yelling outside. Looked out the window and he, along with the other guys, were chasing something through the pastures. Stepped out the door to see what was up as they cornered whatever it was and Danny jumped on top of it. I thought it was going to be a rabbit as every so often they see one of those and go after it. They paraded their catch back to the barn to show the girls and I learned it was actually an iguana. A very, very annoyed iguana. Which the guys said they were going to kill and eat. That didn't really set well with Gala or I. So, after some debate, we areanged to "buy" the iguana. My dad had purchased me mini bottles of whisky to give as gifts/share with the other girls when I was home. Im not really a drinker so I brought them back and they've sat in the house since I got back. Well we managed to put the whisky to good use by giving each of the guys a mini bottle in exchange for the iguana. So I own an iguana. Or rather owned it. I made the guys set it free again. But not after giving it a name. We went with Megg's suggestion: Whisky. So a good day riding and a new pet/mascot for the working students!

And on a side note, congrats to Megg on her purchase of Justinian! He started off his adventure under her ownership with a bang. A quick snipsnip on the front lawn turned him from a stallion to gelding. Poor guy! But best of luck to him and Megg in the future! Cant wait to see how they do together!

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