Thursday, January 10, 2013

Janurary 10th - 10:36pm

<p>Not entirely sure how the mornings can feel jam packed and yet I only get on five or six horses. Even when I am trying to move fast between horses. Today's morning bunch was Oregon, Montana, Geologo, Cor Lit and Kir Royal. Kir Royal was very good to ride. Just hacked around doing transitions and working on riding back to front and inside leg to outside hand. Pretty much what I did with all of them really. Oregon and Montana were a bit excited to be out at first but got to work and finished up really well. <br>
In the afternoon I got on Quantum to warm him up for Martin. Then very briefly sat on Invasor. After got on Orly to warm him up for Martin. When Martin came out to the ring I pulled up beside him ready to hop off and he told me to go canter the five stride pole line instead. So turned around, picked up the canter and cantered down the line almost perfectly! Quick tip from Martin to move up before the first pole instead of in the line if I thought I needed to and then off again. Second time was good too so Martin set a little cross rail up at the second pole. Same as the last two. Rode forward to the first and steadied a bit in the line. His stride is HUGE and absolutely ate up the line so didn't have to do much more than just stay with and guide him. Super nice ride. Each time Martin put the jump up a bit more until we ended over a 2'9" (maybe 3' oxer)!! And I believe this was Orly's second time bigger fences with a person on him. He was an absolute ROCKSTAR and couldn't have cared less about the jump getting bigger. Just jumped better and put more power into it. Such a nice, nice horse. Hopped onto Uxmal after word for hack like the other horses this morning. Up, down, left, right. The usual. Spent the rest of the afternoon picking up, helping the guys and wrapping the day up. Im starting early tomorrow (should have been asleep awhile ago!) in an attempt to beat some of the heat. Hope the day goes just as well as today!

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