Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 26th - 7:54pm

Spent yesterday morning helping Rodrigo with the young horses. Got a later start with them since he was riding in the lessons with Mono but still got all the young ones done before noon. Due to the later start though I was able to ride Holendesa and warm up Luli for Martin. Both were quite nice and I was very happy to get a chance to ride. Hate the days I cant get on something. All the young ones were much easier to work with than the other day. Theyre learning the ropes and handling this new life with the sort of grace I know many people would envy. Several of these horses have never even lived inside a barn before now let alone be handled everyday and asked to work. Horses ability to accept and adapt to change is quite astounding really.
The afternoon was spent cleaning, helping the vet out and doing the usual. We had one more set to ride after lunch so after getting finished with the vet we went to get on. Unfortunately I had a bit of a fall and as a result will be out of the ring for a bit. Today was spent in the house most of the morning then out cleaning tack/helping where I could once my max boredum level had been reached.
Tomorrow Meg, Martin, Rodrigo and some of the horses will be going to a schooling show at the Buenos Aires. It will be prep for the series classed on Friday. Alice is staying home to ride/help Rodrigo once he gets back. Ill be painting and doing what I can from the ground. Not the most exciting day ever but at least its in the barn around the horses. Cant complain too much!

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