Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 12th - 11:27pm

Its Megs birthday!! We were all out a bit late to dinner celebrating Megs 23rd birthday. It was fantastic and a ton of fun as always.
Spent another day lessoning with Martin. Today was short/small courses. I did Uxmal, Holendesa, Cor Lit, Justinian and Navratilova. Maybe one more. Honestly I cant remember. Got a lot less critique than usual about staying in the middle. Hoping that means Im improving! And got a decent number of complements on my rides aboard the more seasoned Cor Lit and Justinian. The really green ones like Uxmal and Navratilova still take some settling into to get them right. Their greenness throws me and we kind if have to settle into each other. Taking total control and bossing them around every step doesnt work but letting them go free range is just stupid. The fine line of interfering when necessary and staying out of the way all other times is so much harder to find on them. Theyre both so different but so similar. If you hang on their faces to try to stop, they go faster. If you lift your hands a bit, relax and breath then youll hsve to actually put leg on to keep cantering. So tough but at least Im getting better. I know when I got here I never would have been able to jump Uxmal or even ride Navratilova. And today I did courses with one and pole work with the other. Just got rhe keep pushing myself to meet and pass Martins expectations. I know I can. Just need to do it. One of these days Im going to be able to just get on, work a horse and make Martin smile. Hopefully at least. He says its possible but I think itd almost be easier to make George Morris happy. In the meantime though just have to keep plugging along. Baby steps.

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