Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 15th - 11:03pm

Interesting day here at Rancho Pampa. Martin teaches some classes on sport horses in Argentina through the year and today was a more hands on part of it. As a result, from 10:00 until lunch time there were 20+ strangers here touring the barn and learning about what it takes to have a sale barn. Which meant Martin was not able to ride many and our whole morning routine was set on its side. In an attempt to combat the craziness that was bound to occur we started early in the saddle. It was quite nice to be riding at dawn again actually. The light is so pretty at that time of day. The weather is still cool and fresh as well. With the days getting longer as we move into spring, we've been starting when the sun is decently above the horizon now days. Something different to get use to.
Todays riding started with a group flat lesson with me on Luli. We discussed and worked on how important that first walk to and into the ring is to set the tone for the ride. Then on using transitions to get the horses sharp, attentive and off the leg. All things Ive heard before from Martin but since Im obviously not doing them perfectly, a good reminder. After I had Cylene and we schooled transitions some more. Then back to the barn to pick up, clean, turn horses out, ect before the people got here. Then back in the saddle to ride Cor Lit, Holendesa, Uxmal and Navratilova. All in all a easy feeling day despite how many moving parts there were. The horses were all good with today's rides being wind down/relaxing workouts. Nothing major going on so just keeping them happy, fit and relaxed undersaddle.
Pretty much all of the horses here are exactly that (happy, fit and relaxed) with 100% of the credit going towards their management. Learning so much about riding to create that horse but also learning how to manage that horse. So much to learn! Maybe I should sign up for the classes Martin teaches! Im sure even after all this time I could still pick up something from an introductory class about this sport and the horses!

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