Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September 5th - 9:08pm

Early morning today with the schooling horse show at the Aleman. Took the series one and two horses plus Skyline and Cor Lit. The first trailer load of horses were all good. Vitroso jumped brilliantly and Mauro showed that everything we've been working on is paying off. Once the second trailer load of horses got to the show we loaded up the first six to bring them back home. Rodrigo, Walter and I also came home since there were only three horses left to show. Rodrigo had his young horses to longe and I had some to ride. Plus Megg had arrived! Gave her a brief run down of the farm and then she shot into full Rancho Pampa working student mode. We ended up hacking five horses each that weren't showing. I rode Jour, Pierrette, Holendesa, Puccini and Benito. All were quite good. Especially Benito. It has probably been close to two months since Id ridden Benito and it was like I was on a totally different horse. Ive always loved watching him jump and with his flatwork so much easier now he's really fun to ride too. Again reminded how much I enjoy working with the young horses that come along so very fast.
Tomorrow Alice, Martin and Rodrigo are headed back for the series show. Megg and I are staying home for the morning to get all the riding done here. After were finished we may be able to catch a ride into town to watch the later classes/series two at the show. Going to be fun!

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