Friday, September 28, 2012

November 3rd - 8:30pm

Today marks the end of my first 6 months at Rancho Pampa. Hard to believe it since the time has positively flown by. Feels like it wasnt that long ago that I was nervously counting down the days till my flight here. Thus far, it has been an incredible experience. Obviously one with some ups and downs but with something like this that is only to be expected. This trip has shown me so much about myself and my riding that it will really be what everyone said it would be: life changing. Some of the things Ive learned already:
- I can push myself to do far more than I ever thought possible. As a result I am capable of far more than I think
- A good horse can teach you just as much as a good instructor
- A green horse can and will teach you even more
- Just because something is different does not mean it is wrong. At the end of the day there are a lot of roads to Rome.
- Friends will turn up in the most suprising of places. And friendship is certainly possible inspite of language/custom/social barriers.
- Perspective is a bigger determining factor in happiness than circumstance
- 1.10m isn't big and 1.20m really isn't either
After 6 months Ive learned so much and absolutely cannot wait to continue the journey. Thank you to everyone stateside and in Argentina who helped make this trip/job/experience possible!

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