Saturday, September 22, 2012

September 22nd - 7:20pm

Despite a less than busy week Ive still managed to miss writing blog posts more than ever before. Thursday after all the rain the ring was still flooded so we took everyone out on walk rides out on the road. I was on Luli, Cor Lit and Benito. No trotting since the footing left a lot to be desired but it was still good exercise. Plus, as always, it was fun to get out with the horses. Friday we were able to do a bit in the ring so everyone got 15 minute trot sets. I was on Luli, Holendesa, Vitroso, Benito and Mauro. Spent a lot of time working on my two point and concentrating on my position. Even though Im use to riding a decent amount of horses each day, doing 5 rides in two point or doing exercises for your two point (up for two, down for one) is somewhat more difficult. So despite the short rides, it ended up being a decently productive day for me and the horses. Both afternoons were spent helping the guys and painting even more jumps. Were on to standards and boxes now! Apparently we're hosting a schooling show here in a couple weeks so thats what all the new stuff is for. Im sure it will be a lot of work but Im still super excited about it.
Since the ring needed more time to really dry out we ended up having Saturday off instead of Sunday. So last night Meg and I went out with Rodrigo and Javier. It was a bunch of fun but after 24 hours up we were exhausted. So todays been spent sleeping, hanging out, walking to the ice cream store and generally being bums. Still a good day though. Tomorrow were back in the saddle and on with the week!

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