Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 18th - 8:53pm

Pretty unexciting day today. Spent all morning helping Rodrigo with the young colts and fillies. Tacking up, longing, holding them while he got on and the like. I think we have 10 or so just broke horses for him to get on each day. Plus two that arent broke yet and his own horse Georgia. Meg, Alice and I are taking turns helping him out so he can actually get all the riding done. As a result I didnt ride any this morning and only managed a brief hack on Lion in the afternoon before the rain moved in. Spent a large portion of the ride working on going back and forth from posting trot (or sitting at the walk) to two point. Just working on re-establishing that position and changing the things Martin pointed out yesterday. Always something to work on.
The afternoon was spent helping the guys, taming the manes of the young horses and doing the usual. From the sound/looks of it a lot of rain came down. Fingers crossed that we didnt get too much so I can get in the saddle for real tomorrow!

Photo of Walter in the barn. He'll do just about anything for a laugh and posing in his rolled up shorts got quite a few. Did girly poses for the camera as well!

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