Monday, September 10, 2012

September 10th - 8:57pm

Totally forgot to write a blog post yesterday. Not that it truely matters. Yesterday was a day of big plans and very little actual doing. We all got up early and caught a ride with Martin to the bus stop. But in order to get om the bus you need to buy a special card (a Sube? card). We tried to buy one at the Kiosk with no luck. Same result at tge gas station. So we bought some stuff at the gas station, walked to the store to get some other stuff and then headed home. Day ended up being lots of hanging out, napping and just being quite. Definitely a good thing for me at least.
Today was back to work with plenty to ride. Martin headed into town around 10 or so and left us to finish working the horses with clients coming at 2:00. Most of the horses just got a light trot after a hard showing week last week. A few of the non series horses did a bit more but not much. I was on Luli, Nixon, Uxmal, Jour, Holendesa and then flatted Pierrette and Herodes for the clients. Everyone was quite well behaved with nothing terribly exciting during the morning. The afternoon was the same as usual. Clean bridles, help the guys finish up and do whatever else is needed. Good start to what should be an excellent week!

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