Friday, September 7, 2012

September 6th - 8:37pm

Another 4:00am morning with the series show today. Got the first trailer load ready and sent Martin, Alice and Rodrigo on their way. Meg and I stayed at the barn to ride the remaining horses. I rode Pierrette, Holendesa, Picaro, Nacar and Uxmal this morning. Just short, easy fitness rides.  Transitions, turning and trotting. Holendesa was a rockstar. She is already so different to ride than the first time I sat on her. Today she was quite, relaxed and happy. Such a sweet horse. At 10:30 when all the horses were ridden we packed the remaining series 2 horses up and headed into town to see the show.
Due to getting stopped by the police at one of the tolls (don't know if Ive mentioned them before but they are everywhere) we were late arriving at the show grounds. There was a bit of a hurry scurry get ready with Nixon because the class before was on the final riders and he was number 6 in. I dont think Ive ever gotten a horse off the trailer and to the ring ready to show that fast. But we were there and ready with time to spare. Everything was a bit rapid fire with getting horses ready in the ring with not much time inbetween them. Meg got quite a plunge into Argentine horse showing but handled it pretty well. And despite the craziness everyone did quite well. The course was quite large and challenging for the series 2 but Puccini went around clear, Benito did quite well and Nixon stepped up to the plate. After the show it was a quick pack up and drag everything home. Poultice, wraps, brushing and tail braiding for the horses. Cleaning and reorganizing for the tack. A very full day with a lot accomplished. Of course the rain is back so Im keeping my fingers crossed that the ring is rideable tomorrow. Hopefully!

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