Monday, September 3, 2012

September 3rd - 7:55pm

About three things I am absolutely positive: First, the rain is back. Second, Alice is one of the strangest people Ive ever met. And third, the cat may or may not bite. Maybe. So guess that means Im actually only absolutely positive about two things. But Im pretty freakin certain about those two things. Especially the second point. (love you Alice!).
But despite all that, its been a good day. Actually a great day. I might not be able to walk tomorrow but it was worth it. Did five jumping lessons today on Cor Lit, Holendesa, Mauro, Uxmal and Jour. Hacked Lion, Pierrette and Navratilova. Warmed up Nixon and Cylene for Martin. So much riding on so many different horses. The jump lessons were very helpful though. Frustrating at times but necessary. Critique and time is the only way to improve. By the third horse, thought, Id been corrected on just about everything at least once. Which meant getting perfect quick or start accidentially making the same mistakes. And I absolutely hate having to be told Im doing things wrong twice. Makes me crazy. All things considering though all of the lessons went pretty well. Was on everything from the youngyoung horses at 2'6" or so to the older, more experienced ones at 3'6" and was decently successful on all of them. Some we just did through the grid. Others did the grid and some course work. We didnt work on anything in particular, just whatever Martin saw that you were doing poorly. Tipping your body, hands too low, legs not supporting and everything inbetween. The hardest thing for me is not getting ahead of them over the fences. Particually the small ones. And once I start actively trying to wait myself, I tend to get a hair behind them. As always, had a tough time finding the ever elusive middle of the horse! Like yesterday, however, I am happy with myself. Im not perfect but Im learning. And every jump school is better than the last. Today in particular I noticed how much easier finding my distances has become. I can feel when I have the correct canter and when I get around the corner the distance is usually just there. Every so often it takes a slight woah or move up but lately its just been right there almost every time. And with the good canter even the not perfect distances feel/look pretty decent. So excited to be improving! But after a day that was long both mentally and physically, Im exhausted and headed to bed early. Fingers crossed it wont rain too much. The ring just got dry!

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