Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th - 9:00pm

Good morning at Rancho Pampa. Lots of lessons, good horses and good rides. Was on Cor Lit, Holendesa, Pierrette, Uxmal and Justinian. Some rides went better than others but I can slowly getting better in the saddle. Martin said today that Ive gotten pretty decent with my full seat riding and can find the middle of the horse. Now its time to really start working in using what I know and can do effectively. Knowing when they are at their correct balance to just let them roll and when to sit up and get them working. Takes a lot of thinking, feeling and evaluating. Something Ive been doing a lot of here but now need to be doing even more. Pushing myself to improve. So much to learn.
It was also a pretty exciting day for all of the fillies (plus Invasor) at Rancho Pampa. They all had their first rides undersaddle! All were quite well behaved. No theatrics or misbehavior. Just some confusion as to why Rodrigo was so high up I think. Such a good group though. Somewhat dissapointed I wont be around when this group starts really working/jumping. Something about one of the mares, Ghandi, just stands out to me. Right now shes tall, lanky, skinny and a little fugy in the 2.5 yr old way but I like her. Cant wait to see her progress.
The clients came out again in the afternoon to ride the horses again. The opted not to ride Lion so we only brought out Herodes and Pierrette. I barely got Pierrette in the ring before the client popped off Herodes. Not really sure what happened there since Herodes is about as unflappable as they come but thankfully no one was seriously hurt. Martin ended up jumping Herodes for them and I flatted Pierrette for a bit before the trainer got on. After that it was the usual afternoon. Helping the guys, finishing up, dinner and early bed!

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