Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 8th - 8:30pm

Still unable to ride here at Rancho Pampa due to the rain. Looking like we might be able to get on Monday if the clear skies and sunny weather persists. So we packed up Puccini and Benito to take to the Aleman to show. They both were scheduled to do the 1.20 class. Also loaded Pierrette, Herodes and Lion up to take to the Hipico to show to clients.
First stop of the day was the Hipico. Martin hacked all three lightly to just get them back undersaddle after yesterday off. They were all a bit up with the new place, time off and packed covered but nothing major. Once they were finished Puccini and Benito went back on the trailer to head over to the Aleman. Martin, Alice and Meg went over with them while I stayed behind to horse sit. Nothing terribly exciting happened on my end but I did end up having lunch in the grooms/CHA worker's eating area. Definitely was a test of my spanish/communication skills but happy to say I figured it out, got what I needed and no one was too frustrated with my lack of spanish skills. For the most part I have found people in this country are extremely helpful when you have questions and are very understanding once they realize you dont speak the language. It makes trying to get around and use what little I know so much less intimidating. Cannot thank the people here enough for that.
After a few hours the trailer returned with everyone and the horses. Benito apparently went double clear and finished in the ribbons. Puccini had a rail but otherwise good round. But the second the horses were off the trailer it was time to rock and roll with the client horses. First horse up was Herodes who I was allowed to show to the client. He was quite nice on the flat and the client got on. She really seemed to enjoy him. I brought Pierrette out next and despite the fact she was a little sensitive/looky with the new area, the client liked her looks and got on. Didn't catch what the client had to say about her but Pierrette was very well behaved. Last, but not least, was Lion. Alice showed him. I didn't get to see the client on him since I went back to help undo Pierrette but apparently the client loved him. Fingers crossed she decides to purchase one of them! Tomorrows our day off and we are all heading into town bright and early. Cant wait!

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