Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 27th - 8:58pm

Beautiful weather here in Argentina. Perfect for riding and being outside. We were all up at 4:30 due to the horse show. Since all the shows here are haul in deals each day of showing means getting up early to hay/grain/load/ship horses. Earlier is something needs to be schooled before the show. Later if we've only got horses in the bigger classes toward the afternoon. Today was a schooling show so there were horses in the ring from the first class of the day to the 1.20 in the afternoon. Classes tend to start as low as .80-.90m on the schooling days and go up to 1.30 usually.
Meg and Walter were on horse show duty today so they pulled out about 6:30 or so leaving Alice, the guys and I to the barn. Alice spent most of the early morning riding as many as she could. I helped tack up and painted. Not the most exciting job ever but significantly more fun than beinf stuck inside. About 10:00 or so Rodrigo pulled in from the horse show and Alice switched over to helping him longe and ride the young horses.
Afternoon was more of the same. There were a few more to ride so Alice right to it. Once Meg, Martin and the second load of show horses returned, they jumped in to finish off the riding list as well. I continued painting and helping where I could. Considerably more mobile than I was yesterday but it will likely still be a few days before Im be back on a horse. Definitely a tiny bit disappointed to be missing this riding time but nothing to be done there. Just trying to stay positive and keeping everything crossed that Ill be back 100% soon.

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