Monday, September 24, 2012

September 24th - 8:26pm

Despite doing absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, Im really tired. Hard to believe its only Monday! Longed Cor Lit, rode Cylene, Navratilova, Mauro, Holendesa and had a flat lesson on Twilight. Nothing terribly exciting there. Just a mix of hacking and Martin coaching me through some more intense schooling. Learning a lot that way. Today Martin explained something that Ive been mentally working over all day. He said that dressage horses are expected to maintain maximum level of collection in the shortest possible frame while hunters need to maintain the maximum level of collection in the longest possible frame. Spent time working Twilight into carrying himself in a decent level of collection in a shorter frame. The starting point to the maximum collection and long frame. Definitely seeing how and why it takes so long to make up the really good hunters. And a lot of it has nothing to do with the fences. Really want to learn more about this part of the training program. Its one of the parts I find more difficult and as a result the part I want to really understand.
The afternoon was spent putting the finishing touches on the painting, getting the last horses ridden and getting to new course set. All the new jumps out in the ring look so pretty. Cant wait till me start working over them!

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