Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 13th - 8:40pm

Its barely even spring (not sure if it is actually spring though) and it is getting hot. After the last two days I have an awesome polo sunburn/tan. Ive been putting sunscreen on and Im still turning colors. Praying I dont burn bad at any point here cause thats just a terrible feeling. Apparently the sun in Argentina is intense due to where it sits on the globe and the hole in the ozone layer right above it. I come from a pretty hot area so guess we'll see how the two places stack up against each other!
But despite the heat the day was good. Lessons on Justinian, Cor Lit, Olendesa, Uxmal and just a nice ride on Navratilova. Its been crazy having all these lessons lately. I absolutely adore it. The only way to get better at riding and jumping is to do it but its so hard to put in hours and hours of practice normally. Even if youre willing to go and go there is the horse to think about. Being on this many horses, however, means we as riders can go and keep going. And like usual it isnt just Martin doing the teaching. The horses are doing just as much correction. Such a great experience. No idea what we're up to tomorrow but after a long, hot day, In headed to bed early!

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