Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September 4th - 9:30pm

Going to regret staying up tomorrow morning but Criminal Minds is on and I want to watch. Horse show at the Aleman in the morning. Taking eleven horses. Going to be an early morning and a long day! It is also the day Megg arrives! Its going to take some getting use to having someone else around but it will be fun.
Anyway, today was another good day. Rode Cylene, Vitroso, Luli, Holendesa and Pierrette. Had a short jumping lesson through the grid on Pierrette. After, I showed Holendesa to a client. First time jumping that mare around a course and its for a client. By the end of this year in Argentina I have a feeling nothing about showing horses to clients will phase me. Getting better at keeping my nerves under control and at riding in general. As a result, she was quite good though and I think the client liked her. Alice and I were suppose to ride three more horses in the afternoon but a bit of rain and some confusion meant they didnt get ridden. But despite not riding it was a very productive afternoon. Got all the horses trimmed and clipped up for the show as well as all the tack cleaned and packed. All in all a pretty decent day. Fingers crossed for good rides and rounds at the show tomorrow!

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