Friday, September 7, 2012

September 7th - 8:49pm

Rained pretty solid last night and this morning. As a result, no riding. Which meant I spent almost the entire day painting jumps. As of this afternoon all the poles and planks are finished! No onto the various gates and fill. Everything is taking at least two coats of white. Colors will likely be added later. With Meg helping in the afternoon a decent amount of headway was made. Pretty exciting stuff.
One thing I have noticed and noted before is now calm/laid back the young horses tend to me. For the most part, they are pretty unflappable. For example, today we had a band saw going in one of the grooming bays. Two, three and four year old horses were all quite calmly going down the aisle past it or standing right beside it being groomed. Just unphased. My older horse in the US would have lost his cookies if I asked him to go anywhere near a working band saw. Yet, these guys hardly blink. Its the exact same at the Aleman. The club is right off a highway and on the other side of the highway is an airport. Planes are constantly landing, taking off, moving around and generally making a racket. None of the horses care though. Im a heck of a lot more likely to jump then they are. Its so interesting. The expectations for horse behavior are so different and the horses conform. I guess for them getting use to loud noises is no less strange than living under a roof, in a box or carrying a person around. It is trained and therefor they comply. It constantly amazes me with what they can be taught to tolerate. Truely amazing animals.

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