Sunday, September 2, 2012

September 2nd - 9:43pm

Crazy, crazy day. Alice and I rode Twilight and Cor Lit bright and early before bolting back into the barn to get Pierrette, Herodes and Lion bathed and ready for their debute. Clients were due in at 11:00 and I was the first one up showing Herodes. Have absolutely no idea how I manged to get that horse ready and in the ring without hyperventilating or otherwise freaking out. Showing horses to clients or at shows are two of the most stressful things in the world to me. I am a total perfectionist and the second I mess up or doubt myself, everything starts spiraling downward at a frighteningly rapid pace. And after my last attempt at showing Herodes I was pretty much besides myself with nerves. Managed to warm him up nice and round (the clients were looking for a safe, quiet, easy jumper to cross over to dressage with). Showed off his good brakes and easy flying changes without trouble. The good start put us on the right track and I was able to show him over his height (one meter or so) with only one icky distance and without any of the antics of last time. He truely is a good horse whod like to do his job. Me having a spaz attack on top, however, does not inspire confidence of any kind. But got through the jumping well and the client got on. From the sound of it, they loved him.
Right after Alice and I got Lion and Pierrette warmed up and ready. Id never jumped Pierrette before so I was beyond nervous. Plus while I was warming up the client asked me to come over closer so he could film the mare. All of his directions, however, were in Spanish. Nothing like trying to ride a horse you barely know infront of a client while trying to follow directions you only somewhat understand. Somehow (through equal bits knowledge and luck I think) I managed to accomplish everything he wanted and how he wanted. Once warmed up we opted to jump Lion and Pierrette together since they basically go at the same height. Lion sticks to about 1.10 while Pierrette stretches up to 1.20. After being out of work for a month though we didnt push her past 1.10. The jumping portion went well without a single bad distance or jump. All poles stayed up and most of my internal freaking out was limited to the time I was watching Alice. Thankfully once I was actually moving toward the fences all the training Ive been doing took over and got the job done. By the end when Martin said ti drop the reins and walk them out I was ridiculously proud of myself. Had just showed a horse I didnt know to clients over 1.10m fences and had done it pretty succesfully! And by the last bit I wasnt even that nervous! Two thumbs up from the client at least who I think really liked Pierrette.
After I took Puccini out for a bit to work and could not stop yawning. So tired after the huge adrenaline rush that was this morning! 
Lunch was an asado with the clients which was amazingly yummy as always. It was also fun to just sit and listen to everyone talk since Im understanding more and more. Cant wait till I can speak fluently. Plus I got to sit next to Martins dad who is absolutelt hilarious. We may not speak the same langage but hes still so, so funny.
After lunch I rode Luli, Mauro and Vitroso for a bit to let them stretch their legs. Weve got lessons with Mono tomorrow and another series show coming up later this week. And Meg arriving! Going to be crazy!

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