Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 2nd - 10:45pm

Spent yesterday morning taking pictures of all the young horses we trimmed up Friday. Took about two hours but got head shots of all the horses for the auction catalogue. Hoping they all turned out well.
The ring was still wet so we spent the morning putting horses on the walker, trimming up the handful of horses left and helping the vets. The repo vets came to check a decent amount (if not all) of the mares being bred. The radiologists were also here doing xrays of three new horses that Rodrigo is working with. It somehow managed to be a pretty busy morning even without riding. Part of it is the sheer number of horses. I think were up to about fifty or so with more on the way. Im not even sure what half of the new ones are called either. Walking down the back aisle is about the same as walking into a totally new barn. So many horses I dont recognize!
By the afternoon, the ring had dried out a ton so Camilla and I were able to ride some horses. I took Nixon, Boss, Skyline and Nacar for hacks. They were all good though it was super weird to be riding that late in the afternoon.
After work Megg and I got cleaned up to go out. Its her last weekend at the farm so had to have some fun. We went to Rodrigos for dinner then out afterwards. Even though Megg wasnt feeling her best I think everyone had fun. I did at least. The late night, however, meant I spent most of the morning in bed sleeping. Definitely not a bad way to spend some time though. Going to be another long hot week here so probably not a bad idea to just chill one day. Though I did end up hanging out with Rodrigo for a bit this afternoon which was fun as always. Its getting to the point that the thought of leaving everyone here forever is strange. Never been anywhere but home long enough to really get to know another place/a large group of different people. Definitely going to miss people like Rachel, Martin, Rodrigo and the guys!

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