Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3rd - 9:57pm

I know Im from the south but sometimes the heat still manages to surpise me. Like right now when its almost ten and Im in bed almost sweating. Not fun. It wasnt the hottest day Ive gone through here but it definitely was one of the most humid. Hot, humid and a lot of work to do.
Rode all morning straight through. Was on Geologo first then Virtuoso, Justinian, Cor Lit, Uxmal and Nixon. Thirty minute hacks all around. The afternoon was hacks on Skyline and Herodes with Nacar, Invasor and Casia on the longe line. Definitely a pretty productive day. Everyone was well behaved and good to work with. Since Meggs arm is still bothering her she didnt ride. Better fir her but meant we didnt quite get through everyone on the list. Got pretty close though. Keeping my fingers crossed she feels better soon so she can spend her last couple days at Rancho Pampa riding and not just tacking up horses. Though at this point just keeping my fingers crossed that well be riding at all would be best. Suppose to rain tonight and through tomorrow. Then Wednesday and Thursday as well I believe. Not fun stuff at all! So keeping my fingers crossed about a lot of things here! Though regardless if the weather, tomorrow marks two weeks till my flight home. And I positively cannot wait to see everyone!

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