Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 20th - 11:59pm

First full day back home! An attempt was made at sleeping in but was awake at about 7:00 anyway. Had breakfast with my dad which was great. Hung out, got caught up and had fun. Then to town center to pick up a few things before heading to the barn. And as always, had a great time there. Rode my horse who was pretty good considering he hasnt been in demanding consistent work in awhile. Hoping to use some of what Ive learned in Argentina to get him back in a program and leave my brother with a plan he can use to get Jazz back going well.
Rode in my new boots today as well for the first time. I brought a pair of Volants to Argentina with me and they positively fell apart. So in a round about sort of way, I got a new pair for free. Trying to break them in as fast as possible before I go back to work and get to spend alllll day in them! Not too bad today though. My lower leg likely wasnt stellar but thats how it goes with new boots I think. Theyll break in soon though. Hopefully. After the barn a quick run to my parents horse was in order to get changed for the annual barn christmas party. And have to say, that was a blast. Got to see almost everyone from the barn and catch up with all the stories. I adore my barn and everyone there so it is sosososo great to see the. Incredible. A ton of great food, a beautiful slide show, a fun gift exchange and then just general being around fabulous friends. A little bit of a late night but oh well. Worth it for sure! Up early tomorrow with another very full day. Riding, seeing people, contra dancing! So excited!.

Photo of my christmas tree at home!

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