Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 12th - 11:59pm

Another late auction night with Martin! This was the Elite Auction which has Gama horses and some other Haras. La Negrita for one. San Maria? Need to get the names of each of the barns off their catalogue. It was at the Hipico this time which is always a fun venue. Watched some great horses jump and hung out with some very interesting people. One stallion sold to some Americans for $43,000! We didnt stay the whole time since it got late but definitely had a good time. Before heading home, we stuck some of our auction catalogues under the windshield wipers of cars in the parking lot. Not going to lie, that was pretty fun. And there are a lot of different types of windshield wipers out there!
As for the actual day at the farm, I rode Nacar, Justinian, Uxmal, Nixon, Jour and Cor lit. Just hacking on the flat. Longed Quarz, Quarial, Kir Royal, Quantum, Bellini, Casia and Ojiva for Martin to get on after the break with all the rain. Everyone was very well behaved. This was the first time Ive paid much attention to Quarial and have to say I like her looks. Cute, easy to work with and good mover. Might have to start making an appearence onto the list of horses I really like here (a rather inclusive list I must say but oh well!). Super late night tonight and early morning tomorrow! Just want to get home and to bed!

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