Thursday, December 6, 2012

December 6th - 6:59pm

The rain Megg's praying held off arrived today. And it was the rain for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. In one day. It has positively rained buckets today.
Started off the day switching some bridles around, getting some of the young horses out fitted with their own bridle/girth/breastplate and relabeling things. Martin got a call from a client wanting to see some hunters though so we ended up packing up Cor Lit and Virtuoso to take to the Hipico to show them. The Hipico is home to the largest covered ring in South America and is so nice to ride in when the sky has opened up. Due to the not normal amount of rain this year, we've brought horses there a lot. Normally it is a fairly routine/easy thing. The downpour added a bit of difficulty to everything though. Both of those horses are bright chestnuts with stockings. Not an easy task to keep those stockings clean when EVERYTHING has turned to mud. We tried though! Both horses were well behaved though and I think the clients liked both. Its so hard to tell though. Just have to keep fingers crossed.
Since its still raining Im doubting well be riding tomorrow either but we'll see. Either way, the Henry Jota auction is tomorrow night! Cant wait!

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