Sunday, December 16, 2012

December 16th - 9:51pm

<p>Kind of in one of those blah moods at the moment. Dont particually want to write anything anything but will because I should. Told myself I would write everyday and already skipped yesterday. And if its one thing I try very, very hard to do is to stick ti my word. And usually I like writing the blog since what I do here is fun and I enjoy it. <br>
Usually most of the days are better than Saturday. Felt pretty crummy most of the day for whatever reason. Probably a combination of long week, heat and summer ickiness. Longed Invasor and Quantum plus rode Puccini, Uxmal, Cor Lit, Picaro, Justinian, Nixon and Nacar. Did jump schools with the last two and it was some pretty inspectacular riding. I was really dissapointed with my riding but couldnt pull it together to get vaguely past ok riding. Couldnt see a decent distance to save my life and couldnt get to a decent pace either. Felt like Id just back tracked 8 months. And I can tell myself all day long that 8 months ago I couldnt ride these two horses but it doesnt matter. Today, I should be able to ride them. And thats it. Really frustrated. Ended up out with Rodrigo and his parents for a bit that night for dinner a whatnot. Pretty decent night considering dont speak spanish. Mangled my way through it though.
Today was pretty quiet. Helped Rodrigo tack up the horses he's breaking at the moment so he could get finished quicker this morning. Went to the mall to hang out for a bit then onto the Hipico to watch the finals for the 1.50. Some really good rounds and kinda scary round but thats how it goes. Nothing worse then some poles and a run out of two. Alexis and Parforce Cooper came out on top again. They had a a geat year this year. Hes an incredible rider. Once of my favorites in this country. Trying to find a picture of him after the win to post but cant at the moment. Either way, it was fun to go see. Then back home early to pack for the trip. Dragging home a saddle as carry on so actually having to bring a bag to get clothes home since I brought pretty much everything I have here! Hate packing but super excited to see family soon!

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