Friday, December 28, 2012

December 27th - 6:48pm

This is without a doubt the longest Ive ever gone without writing a blog post of some sort since my first day in Argentina back in May. Partly due to the craziness that is families and the holidays but mostly because this is suppose to be about my time in Argentina at Rancho Pampa and not my quick holiday trip home!
I did, however, have a fantastic trip home. Was able to see my family, barn family and friends. Went swing and contra dancing which was a blast as always. It has been a long time since Ive done any formal dancing and it showed for sure but whatever. When I get home Ill be able to get back to dancing for real. Christmas Eve consisted of two great meals with each side of the family followed by a lovely Christmas day. As usual, we headed to the beach after opening presents. Not many places you can do that, but my hometown is one of them. Having it be about 60 degrees with gorgeous lighting from the sun didnt hurt either. Took some fun photos and had a good time with family.
Since Christmas day it has been a whirlwind. So much I want to see/do/go and so little time before my flight! Did managed to cram a decent amount in though and enjoyed seeing everyone I did. Plus spending even more time with family (can you tell I missed them?).
Spent today, my last day home till April, making a last visit with family and to the barn. Hugged everyone good bye and wished them luck with the upcoming show season. Definitely a sad moment. Mom took me to the airport and we hung out until the last possible moment before I went through security. A short wait and then onto the plane. Currently sitting on the plane waiting for some seating to get figured out. We were suppose to have a 52 seater but it got stuck in the north east with a ton of snow so we got bumped to a 44 seater. Which means 8 people have no seat. I cant spend another day home due to my connection so just chillin until we get down to the right amount of people. Fingers crossed for an easy and safe flight to Miami.

Barn and airport photos.

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