Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 29th - 11:49pm

<p>First full day back at the farm. Decent weather, well behaved horses and busy day. Its good to be back. Was on Justinian first for a light work out followed by Puccini then Oregon. Worked on really putting Puccini together and pushing off the hinds. Oregon more working on relaxing, stretching and building the smooth, elastic, consistent contact. Same with Boss and Nacar afterward. I jumped Boss over a few cross rails and it was just bad. Not riding the canter well enough then scrambling to find a distance. Just gross. So hard not to get discouraged after rides like that. I know that right now I have to be riding better than I ever have before and still cant jump a cross rail with any sort if consistency. So frustrating. But the horses were good so all I can do is be frustrated with myself.
Feels like I rode more this morning but guess not. Funny how that works. The afternoon was spent riding Jour, free jumping a few horses for clients and longing Quarielle. Written down it doesn't look like all that much but Camilla and I didnt wrap up the barn till close to 7:00. Long, hot day.
Tomorrow is Sunday but we're working part of the day since everyone is having Tuesday off. Going to be a bad morning though. Stayed up playing scrabble online with a friend (loosing at scrabble mostly) and it is now far too late. Least I can probably take a nap in the afternoon! The joys of half days and zero other responsibilities!

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