Thursday, December 13, 2012

December 13th - 10:16pm

<p>No matter how many times I tell myself during the day that Im going to bed early, it never happens. Always end up staying awake too late writing, reading or talking to someone or another. Cause today was definitely one of those days that going to bed early would have been a good idea. Late night last night and early morning meant about four hours of sleep. Some people can handle that fine, I do not. I like my sleep. And hate mornings. As Ive stated more times in my life than I can even begin to count. <br>
But today was a pretty good day despite the lack of sleep. Rode Cor Lit first off then set to work helping Martin make jumping videos of the auction horses. Set jumps, run to video camera, film, change jump, run to camera, on repeat. Definitely fun to watch the young horses get worked though. And to see them figure out the jump each time it changes. Its all still so new for them, their reactions are very obvious. If they knock a pole they dont just pick their feet up another inch or two more, they get them a foot higher up to clear it the next time. Martin let me ride Nacar for his video/photo op as well. Super excited about that. Hes such a fun horse to work with and around. Green but a good boy. After that I warmed up Uxmal for his video time then onto riding the rest of the horses. Picaro and Geologo for light hacks after getting tried and jumped hard Monday. Took Puccini, Nixon, Justinian and Jour out as well. Havent been on Puccini in awhile so took me a bit to get him back working but the other three were all pretty decent start to finish. A long hot busy day at the farm though! Sure tomorrow is going to be the same!

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