Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 5th - 9:25pm

<p>What a day. First and foremost, it was Meggs last day at the farm. Ill see her again before she leaves Argentina but she's no longer a barn rat with me. Hard to believe Ive been here through 4 working students now. Paz, Alice, Meg and now Camilla. Definitely had a blast working with each of them and miss them all. Going to take some readjusting and getting use to but we'll make it work here. Always do!<br>
Meggs dad arrived in Argentina today so we started work a bit early so we could take the afternoon off to do an asado with him and Rachels parents who got here last night. As always it was super good food and company. And with the early start, we got all the horses ridden before lunch! Definitely an accomplishment with this many horses here. Megg counted the other day and there are 48 horses here. With about 40 in work. <br>
Started off the day on Cor Lit. Jumped a fence or two on him. Then was on Uxmal. Had a short jumping lesson on Picaro to follow. Again, not my favorite to flat but so, so much fun to jump. Feels like he could clear absolutely anything. Didnt do much, just up to 3' or so but it was still fun. After Picaro was a flat lesson on Jour. Did some pole work with striding. Adding a stride then taking it out. It was set as a 9 stride with the add 10. Regardless of how many Martin wanted you had to ride correctly and forward in. Then make any changes early enough in the line you could still ride forward to 'jump' out over the last pole. Martin made it so you had to make any changes early by making us raise a hand straight in the air when there were only three strides left. Had to know exactly where you were and have the control of the horse to get in correctly, adjust, see how many were left and raise your hand in time (but not too soon!). I actually got it pretty well my last time though and was pretty happy. Definitely an exercise I would have struggled with on that horse when I arrived. But now, getting it right. <br>
After Jour I got on Nacar to warm him up for Martins lesson with Mono. Most of the series horses are on break for the summer or will be soon so Martin is riding some of the younger horses in the lessons. Today was Kir Royal and Quantum as well. So got on Nacar to warm him up. Moni arrived and they chatted a bit then Martin told me to follow Kir Royal with Nacar. So trotted around behind him and followed him through the exercise with Mono watching. Ended up doing the whole jumping execise. Had a little bit of trouble understanding him at times but get it worked out eventually. Not all the jumps were perfect but I didnt make the same mistake twice and Mono seemed to like Nacar. Said he was good with his legs over the fences. Again, not sure why I like that horse so much but I just do. Hes come so far since Ive gotten here and I love getting on him each time and feeling improvement. Or where there needs to be work done. Either way, I was super excited to get to ride for Mono. Hes one of my favorite people in Argentina and a really good rider on top of it all.
After Nacar it was onto Nixon. Ended up having another jump lesson with Martin that ended pretty decenty as well. My trouble with Nixon has always been getting him infront of my leg. He falls behind or I get too farward and then Im off for something stupid. Riding him as frequently as I have been however, I starting to sort him out. So we jumped and once I really pushed him forward and got him moving, it went well. He's got a fun kind of jump and when I get him moving he's fun to ride as well. Just have to keep figuring him out. The jump today probably got up to 1.10m or so. About the same height as my last lesson on Nixon but the fact I rode forward better this time meant the jumps were better. No stalling feeling, jumping to the side or anything. Just exactly what was suppose to happen did. Im sure Ill still struggle at times with him but definitely feel like Im learning more about how to ride him and his type horse. Never, ever a bad thing.
So fun, productive (if very hot) morning and great afternoon. Cant ask for anything better!

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