Friday, November 30, 2012

November 30th - 9:02pm

Hard to believe its already the end of November! Feel like this months just started. Yet Alice left 2 weeks ago already and Megg is leaving the farm in just five days! Honestly cant believe it. Heck I head home for Christmas in 18. It was a good last day of Novmber though. The storm that has been blowing in for the last couple days finally hit last night with tons and tons of rain. Needless to say, the ring was flooded and we were not riding today.
So the process of getting horses on the walker to go was started. And very quickly stopped when the power went out. And stayed out. From about 8:15 or so until a bit after 1:00, we had no lights, no water, no internet, no walker, no nada. Super fun stuff. So we went back to work on ears, manes and noses. By the end of the afternoon I believe all but a handful of the 40 or so horses in work were trimmed up. I dont even know how many ears Ive done today but its been a lot. Probably about 20. If not more. Rodrigo would hold them and Id snip away with my little sheep shearers. Still really bad with them though.
The lights came on during lunch though so we were able to put them all on to walk for a bit in the afternoon. All but the new ones who arrived late last night and dont know how to use a walker. Theyll go on the list to be taught soon enough. In the mean time, theyre getting a crash course in being a tame horse. Spent their first night inside last night upon arrival. Poor guys are probably beyond shell shocked but theyll catch on quick enough!
The sun we had today should mean the ring is dried out enough to walk and maybe trot some tomorrow. Hopefully at least since were almost out of manes and noses to do!

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