Friday, December 14, 2012

December 14th - 8:23pm

All the young horses that jumped for the video yesterday got the day off today so a pretty quite day here. Was on Cor Lit, Puccini, Geologo, Boss, Jour and Nixon. The first four were just flat rides. Got to jump Jour and Nixon a little bit. It was a bit different than usual because Martin just said to take them over two small fences and feel/check the whole time to get it done well. I dont think Ive ever repeated a phrase more to myself than that one in both those rides. Feel, check, feel, check, feel, check. Both were quite good though. Felt like I kept a good canter, jumped some good jumps and overall had a productive ride. Definitely a good feeling.
Spent the afternoon resetting the course in the ring, helping show Oregon and Ojiva to their owners and getting the barn picked up. A full day but also a good one.
Also realizing as I type that I said it was a quiet/easy day here and I was on six horses. That is probably one thing I will never be able to say after this job. Of which I only really have four months left of. Positively cant believe it. Time has absolutely flown by and in the same instance, I feel like Ive been here for a very long time. Regardless of how I feel though, each day goes by and its one less here. Definitely a sad feeling. On the flip side, however, four days from now Ill be at the airport to start my christmas adventure home!

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