Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 8th - 7:05pm

The morning was every bit as bad as I thought it might be. Im not a morning person to start with and once you throw in a late night, the morning is not even worth seeing. At all. But made it up, out and to the barn. Got Virtuoso and Cor Lit ready for a video for a client. Warmed each of the up a bit for Martin to help speed things along since he had to go. After I was on Justinian, Nixon, Picaro and Geologo before stopping for lunch. We had a decent amount of longing to do with the young horses so Camilla and Rodrigo started that before lunch and I helped them finish up after. Longed Montana and another whose name escapes me. Both were good as were the horses in the morning. The rain causing two days off can often lead to some happy horses but most everyone I worked with seemed pretty much unaffected.
Once the longing was finished Camilla and I got on to finish riding the last four. I was on Uxmal and Nacar and they were beyond good. Both young and green but always super nice and fun to ride. Even though it doesnt sound like a bunch of work it ended up taking a lot of time. Its amazing how riding can take like thirty minutes but getting the horse ready, untacking after and all that makes everything take forever. So wasnt finished until after 6:30 but everything got finished so Im happy.
Now to get ready to head into town to see Megg one last time. Were having dinner one last time together with her dad and Rodrigo. Then Im staying at the hotel so we can hang out tomorrow some. Im sure it will be a blast but I wish we were having dinner for some other reason. Megg and Alice have definitely become two of my closest friends and to say goodbye is definitely not fun. But I appreciate the time we got to spend together at the farm. Im going to miss her like crazy but wish her all the best in Canada!

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