Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 19th - 6:57pm

LMy goodness what a last two days! Its been a rush. The flight from BA to Dallas was long but decent. No real complaints there. Ended up sitting next to a very cool guy from Panama so the trip passed by a lot quicker than the origional one down. Hes living in Santa Fe studying medicine at the moment. Coming up to the states for vacation/do something different for a bit. Definitely understand that sentiment!
Landed at DFW with a quick turn around to get on the plane from home. Took some rushing but got it done. Got stopped in customs since Ive been riding/around horses while in Argentina but thanks to a nice guy there got all my boots recleaned and back on my way pretty quickly. Getting released into the general airport was also very cool. Waited in line, got my stamps to re enter the country and whatnot. As I walked away the guy at the counter was like "Welcome back ma'am." Ive learned to love Argentina and the people there but being back state side is so very nice as well.
Practically ran from that check point to get to checked back through security for my next flight. And not going to lie, I was incredibly dissapointed with the airport. A flight from a spanish speaking county not a single person on the plane, in customs, security or anywhere spoke spanish. I have a basicbasicbasic knowledge of the language and I was trying to help translate. While I was at Ezieza in BA, every single place had someone that spoke at least two languages. Heard Portuguese, Italian and French as well being spoken by employees at the airport. Stateside? Nothing but english. At one point someone in security who was checking boarding passes and passports started screaming at people for not having both things ready. Not cool even in a group of people that understand but ths was to a group of people who spoke a variety if languages. Half the people she was yelling at only spoke a bit of english and had no idea why she was freaking out. And even if they spoke some english, its impossible to understand when youre being screamed at. Pretty ridiculous in my opinion. But made it past crazy lady with security only having a mild go to pieces about the fact I was carrying a saddle. Im pretty sure each check point held my bag to rescan it. But, made I through in the end which is all that matters.
Then a short plane ride to home where my family, minus my younger brother, was waiting for me at the gate! So fantastic to see them after all this time! We all headed to lunch for a bit (Mexican - one of my favs!) and then I wanted to go out to the barn to see my second family there as well as my horse. Everyone seems to be doing well which is super exciting and my horse is fat and happy. Should be able to ride him tomorrow and cannot wait! After it was home to chill for a bit before a quiet dinner at my grandparents.
A big day for sure considering the lack of sleep but its all worth it to be able to be home for a bit to see everyone. I already miss Argentina but 100% enjoying home while I am here!

Photos of the airport, my plane, the sky as we left DFW airport and finally the intercoastal water way from the plane. Dont know if you can see the bridge over the water from the picture but it is there. Cried a bit when I saw it because that bridge so completely means home.

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