Friday, December 28, 2012

December 28th - 11:03pm

Arrived into Ezieza at 10:00 or so this morning after an all night flight from Miami. Had a huge hold up in immigration due to the computers I believe. Apparently they have switch from allowing people to pay for entry at the airport to having people pay for it prior to arrival online. Problem is no one recieved that memo. Thankfully I had already paid for my entry back in May so once I got to the desk I was on my way quite quickly. Onto bag pick up and customs. That process went fairly quickly thankfully but I was still a good two hours getting off the plane to the actual exit. Thankfully Rachel was still there and waiting for me so was able to get started on the final leg of the journey without delay. Arrived at Rancho Pampa right as everyone was sitting down for lunch.
Despite being pretty tired I opted to spend the afternoon riding/working. Figured it would be better to stay tired and head to bed early then end up staying up half the night with the slight time change. Though apparently Im staying up half the night anyway. But was on Uxmal, Nacar, Invasor and Jour. All four were very well behaved and it was nice to get back into the swing of things again. I missed Rancho Pampa and everyone here but it would definitely be a lie to say Im not even a tiny bit homesick. There is something so comfortable and easy about home. I will get over that though. And for right now, I am excited for these next four months in Argentina and cannot wait to see what they will hold.

Miami from the plane at night and in the airport late enough that no one is here besides the janitor. More airport/airplane shots.

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