Monday, December 17, 2012

December 17th - 11:03pm

Twenty four hours from now I should be on a plane headed home! Both very exciting and very stressful at the same time. I hadnt traveled much prior to this little adventure (ie not really at all) so traveling, especially by plane, is just a bit intimidating. But veryveryvery excited to see my family. And friends. And barn. And horse. Very. Plus I get to go contra and swing dancing! Maybe blues and salsa too! Going to be a great couple days home!
Today was a good day here though. Set up the free jump for some of the young ones this morning. Theyre catching onto the drill and getting better each time. After is was onto riding Justinian then Virtuoso on the flat. After I got to hack Ojiva for a bit. I havent been on her much but I actually like her a lot. Super sweet mare. Quick break for lunch then onto riding Puccini, Cor Lit, Nacar and Uxmal in the afternoon. Just flat rides with lots and lots of transitions. The ring was a little interesting to ride in at times since seven horses Rodrigo has been working with got backed for the first time. They did it the same way as the last group with the little pony and argentine cowboy. A few in this group werent quite as cooperative as they could have been but by the end, everyone walked, trotted and cantered around the ring. Definitely a learning expierence though. For more than just the horses.
Spent the afternoon packing for home and getting everything sorted out. Hoping I havent forgotten anything important! Now just to clean my boots tomorrow afternoon and then onto the airport!

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