Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 11th - 9:38pm

Ring was too wet to ride this morning so it was a quiet morning of putting horses out to walk, cleaning up and getting organized. Nothing overly exciting. A client called partway through the morning wanting to look at some horses though so we got Geologo, Picaro and Virtuoso ready, popped them in the trailer and headed to the Hipico. Use to I thought of San Martin as our barn away from home when the rain hits. Now, its the Hipico.
Got them all there, settled in and ready for the clients no problem. All three were good from what I saw but admittedly that wasnt much since it was rapid fire getting horses ready to go to the ring. Fingers crossed they liked at least one though. All three of those horses are super nice so any would make a great jumper for someone. After that it was just a matter of packing everything up and heading home. A quick dinner up with Rachel and Martin finished out the afternoon. The day passed super quickly since we were at least somewhat busy from start to finish. Can hardly believe its almost 10:00 already! Headed to bed soon since tomorrow is going to be a full day of riding for sure. I may not be in love with this heat but it certainly dries the ring out pretty quickly!

And a week from now Ill be at the airport here in BA to start my adventure home for the holidays!

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