Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 18th - 10:03pm

Sitting at the airport now while the first group of people board the plane I am on. I am so, so excited to go home and see family. But as I told Rachel and Martin in the car, Argentina and Rancho Pampa has definitely become a home for me. Already I am looking forward to getting back to the farm and I havent even left the country yet! But still, in 12 hours or so, Ill be home. And for that, I am veryvery thankful.
Today was a good day though. Spent the morning on the ground filming the young auction horses. They did a small course this time and most absolutely rocked it! Hopefully we got some good photos and video. Everyone needs to check (and like!) the Rancho Pampa facebook page to keep updated on the goings on of the auction horses. And all the horses really. I keep my blog going but hardly do the horses justice.
The later part of the morning and afternoon were spent riding. Hacked Justinian around for a bit then got on Picaro. Ended up doing a jump school with him and he was a rockstar. Jumped up to a meter or so (maybe 1.10) and he was incredible. Lovelovelove jumping that horse. So much power in there. The feel over the fences is one of the greatest Ive ever been on. After short break for lunch, it was onto Virtuoso. We did a quick jump school with him as well which was a ton of fun. He, like Picaro, is an awesome horse. Great to ride, great feel and incredible jump. So priviledged to be able to ride such nice horses everyday. My problem with both of them today was keeping up the pace and rythym to each fence. Keeping it absolutely consistent and strong. Felt like I did better than I did on Saturday but still a lot of room for inprovement. In a place where I have the opportunity to improve though so cant ask for much more. Just have to keep at it and try as hard as I can to learn. Jour was the last ride of the day and was pretty good considering Rodrigo was doing ride number two on the young horses. This time Oscar was on the criollo horse helping him out. Never seen Oscar ride before but hes really pretty decent in the saddle. Got the job done at least! Once I was off Jour, it was to the house to toss a few last minute things in my bag and head out to the airport. Managed to pay for my overstayed visa, get checked in, through security, past customs and here to wait for the plane in and hour and fifty minutes. Left exactly ten minutes to chill before loading. Cutting it a tiny bit close but oh well, Im here! Fingers crossed for a safe flight to Dallas then home!

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